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    Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year Is Now Open!

    Our program is honored to be funded by 21st CCLC- the only federal funds available specifically for Afterschool and Summer learning! This grant allows us to offer FREE Afterschool and Summer programs to our students at Emerson, Troy, Cutler, and Mt. Caesar! 

    Due to this funding, we ask that your family takes these expectations into consideration prior to registering:

    *This is an extracurricular program- clubs are offered five days a week and switch every 5-7 weeks. Students who are registered for the program full-time or by the club are expected to participate in the daily clubs.

    *Pick up is between 5:00pm-6:00pm. To ensure the quality of clubs and enrichment, we ask that parents not pick them up prior to 5:00.

    *Priority is given to students who are registered full-time and students who are recommended for the program by teachers/staff. This funding is specifically available to offer programs to children who would not have the opportunity to participate otherwise. 


    Please click Here to Register!

    We will contact you soon with confirmation that your child has been accepted into the program.