• Monadnock Athletics
    Athletic Director- Tom Cote
    tcote@mrsd.org  Direct Office # (603) 903-6707

    What you need to know to play:  

    Registration: Monadnock uses FamilyId for registration for all sports. Students must be registered with familyid.com prior to participating in any sport. FamilyId customer service information: Phone/email: 1-888-800-5583/ support@familyid.com

    Physicals: All student-athletes that are registered on familyid.com must also upload an up-to-date physical or provide the Athletic Director, school nurse, or school trainer with an updated physical to be put on file. 

    **Middle school students will need to provide a physical after April heading into their 7th-grade year and high school students will need to provide a physical after April heading into 9th grade in order to be eligible to play sports.** 


    • Student-Athletes must be enrolled in 4 classes
    • Student-Athletes must be in school for half their classes in order to participate in practice, games, or anything to do with the team. 
    • If a student receives ISS, suspension, or Detention, then they are not allowed to participate in practice, games, or anything to do with the team. 
    • Athletes should never miss a school-sponsored game for outside teams without permission from the Athletic Director. 
    • All of our coaches have a school email address. The first initial and last name of the coach @mrsd.org will be their email address. All students and parents should be communicating with that email address only.
    • No coach or player should text one another.


    • Anyone participating in extracurricular activities will not be allowed to carry an F for more than 2 weeks. 
    • Grades from the previous quarter will determine eligibility. We have a no- F policy. 

    How it works:

    • Grades will be checked every other Tuesday. (follows pay day Friday)
    • If a student has an F they will be made aware by the AD.
    • Students will outline with their teacher ways to fix the F.
    • Students then have 2 weeks to bring the grade to passing.
    • If the grade is not brought to passing, the student becomes ineligible until the grade becomes passing.


    • All (parents and players) should treat officials and opponents with respect.
    • No one besides coaches or the Athletic Director should talk to officials.
    • Coaches determine playing time
    • 24-hour rule- If you have an issue with the coach or playing time, please give it 24 hours before speaking with someone. It helps cut the emotion out. Please be respectful of this rule. 
    • Bigger issues, please report immediately to the Athletic Director- Tom Cote, or the Principal- Lisa Spencer.

    Helpful websites: 
    - Up-to-date game schedules. 
    Facebook page - Monadnock Athletic Department.
    nhiaa.com - Varsity standings and high school sports information from the state. 

    First date to play: 
    Fall -
    All teams will begin on 8/14 except football will begin on 8/11.
    Winter - All teams will begin on 11/27 except high school basketball, which will begin on 11/20.
    Spring - All teams will begin on 3/19.

    Open Gym for basketball- Please use the link below to see when open gyms are happening.
    Gym Schedule link for basketball: https://www.mrsd.org/domain/611#calendar5905/20221013/month

    Athletic Trainer: Our athletic trainer is only contracted to work with high school students. If you have an injury, it would be best to see our athletic trainer- Dana Dearborn. Dana also works directly with the orthopedics department at Cheshire Medical Center and can get your student athlete an appointment there within 48 hours. Please use her as a resource! 
    Her contact information is: Email- ddearborn@mrsd.org and her cell phone number is (603) 903-9831


    High School

    High School

    High School





    Boy’s Basketball


    Field Hockey

    Girl’s Basketball


    Boy’s Soccer

    Boys and Girls Indoor Track

    Boy and Girls Track and Field

    Girl’s Soccer

    Boys Ice Hockey W/ Fall Mt./ Conval High School

    Boys & Girls Tennis

    Boys and Girls Cross Country

    Girls Ice Hockey W/ Keene High School

    Boys Lacrosse w/ Keene High School


    Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving practice at KSC pool

    Girls Lacrosse W/ Keene High School

    COED Golf    

    Middle School 

    Middle School

    Middle School 




    Football (grades 6-8)

    Boy’s Basketball (grades 7-8)

    Baseball (grades 7-8)

    Field Hockey (grades 5-8)

    Girl’s Basketball (grades 7-8)

    Softball (grades 7-8)

    Boy’s Soccer (grades 6-8)

    Indoor Track (grades 7-8) practice only

    Track and Field (grades 5-8)

    Girl’s Soccer (grades 6-8)


    Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country ( 5-8)