• The Dr. George S. Emerson Elementary School Library Media Center
     is available for students to use during regular school hours. 
    Visit our new online catalog at https://mrsd.follettdestiny.com          

    Emerson School Library Classes

    Students visit the library with their class for 30-45 minutes each week and are also welcome to browse and checkout materials or look for information before school, during recess or with permission from their classroom teacher. Some students are released from class to do research for a special project, to use the computers to search the Internet, type a report or find an additional book to read.

    Scheduled classroom visits can include learning about the Dewey Decimal System, book care, research protocol and using print and electronic information resources, research ethics, reading and discussion of literature and illustration. Some lessons are projected from the computer to a large screen. Using the computer this way can utilize the Internet, the online catalog of library materials, power points, educational films, subscription databases, and related documents.

    Schoolwide Resources
    Teachers share their teaching unit plans, which helps connect students to the library.  Library materials on specific topics being studied are sometimes moved to the classroom for special projects. Students then have access to the library materials they need for research anytime during the school day.
    Our library now has a collection of over 9,000 materials including books, audio and video cassettes, DVDs, sound recordings, magazines, software, and more.

    Using a tried and true remedy for making a big selection shrink to a manageable size, children are introduced to many types of books at their reading level by offering short book talks and allowing the children to select their favorites. Just like adults, kids want to know..." Have you read any good books lately?" Sharing a tip on a great new book is a special gift. 

    Reading is an important life skill, and with the help of parents and teachers
    we can keep kids reading, learning, and growing!

    The Emerson Elementary School Library accepts gift books if they are in good condition and of use to the student population.