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    How to contact the Health Office:
     Available during school hours by phone: (603)585-6611 
    or by
    email:  Alexis Heaphy, RN

    Welcome to the Health Office website!!


    Here you will find information and resources for the health and safety of Emerson Elementary.


    Tip of the day: 

    -  Remember, ALL medications MUST come in their original containers, and MUST be brought in by an adult.   This is for the safety of your child, as well as the State of NH requirement for nurse administration.


    R U Prepared?:

    -  September is Emergency Preparedness Month.  Consider entering these 24 Hour Hotline-numbers into your cellphones and/or post them near your home phones:

    •    Fire, Police, Ambulance:    9-1-1
    •    Poison Center:                    1-800-222-1222
    •    Suicide Prevention:             1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    •    Domestic Violence:             1-866-644-3574
    •    Sexual Assault:                    1-800-277-5570


    Websites and Resources:

    For girls age 9 and above and their 'BFF's there is a GREAT website to promote healthy bones:

    There's even one for parents with great tips on nutrition and activities for these growing girls:

    And, speaking of good health for all, another wonderful website with many health promotion resources is:


    Health Office Happenings:

    As mentioned in the September newsletter that went home (and is online on the Emerson homepage) there are lots happening in the Health Office.

    •  Immunization requirements have changed.  You may receive a call if the school health record does not have updated, required immunizations for your child.  You will be asked to provide proof of immunization as required by the State of NH for attendance in public schools.
    • Cheshire Smiles will soon return to perform a variety of services for grades pre-school through grade 3.  We will again be offering weekly fluoride rinses in grades 1 - 3 for those families that wish to participate.
    • 100% Schools program is being coordinated through the Health Office.   This is a service being conducted in conjunction with Cheshire Hospital and Healthy Kids NH to attempt to connect with all families that do not have health insurance and direct them towards coverage.
    • H1N1 and Seasonal Flu updates will continue to be provided to parents through this website, the district website, newsletters, special flyers, and the like.  The two biggest tips to stop the spread of these or any illness?  HANDWASHING and STAY HOME WHEN ILL!   The current recommendation is NOT to return to school or work until FEVER FREE FOR 24 HOURS.  This means WITHOUT the use of Tylenol, ibuprofen, or the like.  Expect to get a call if your child does return to school too soon after a flu-like illness.

    I look forward to a wonderful year serving all at Emerson.

    -Alexis Heaphy, RN