About Emerson

  • General Information:
    Emerson Elementary School is a PreK-6 school in the Monadnock Regional School District that provides education for the children of Fitzwilliam as well as some students from Richmond and Troy. Additionally,Emerson School houses a district collaborative Pre-School that services pre-school students from Fitzwilliam, Troy, and Richmond.

    Class Groupings:
    For grades 1, 2, 5 and 6, we offer multi-age classrooms and, for preschool, kindergarten and grades 3 and 4, they are traditional straight grade classrooms.  If you wish to learn more about multi-age classrooms, please contact us at school.  We have resources to share and would welcome your visit.

    Our building is a beautiful white clapboard schoolhouse located on Rhododendron Road. In addition to classrooms, the school has a 5000 square foot multi-purpose room, a fine arts room, a library, and small group instructional spaces. The property includes a nature trail and a great sports field that is also used by the town.

    We have mobile chrome book carts for grades K-4 and we have 1:1 chromebooks for students in 5th and 6th grade.  Currently, we have LCD/DLP projectors in every learning space, including The Multipurpose Room, The Library,  The Fine Arts Room,  and one portable LCD projector.

    State, district, school, and classroom assessments are all conducted. When assessment results come in, staff members are involved with analyzing the results in order to determine how results will impact curriculum and instruction.

    School-wide Focus Areas:
    Our school-wide focus areas include: the Social Curriculum where teachers and models caring for self, one another, and the world; Inclusion, which is a process whereby all staff, students and community members work together to provide the best possible opportunity for growth of all in the least restrictive environment; Critical Skills which is a learning, model which targets academic knowledge and life skills such as creative/critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, quality work, decision making, and organization; and School to Work which is and initiative which strives to prepare youth to be ready for careers of today and tomorrow. All of these areas are integrated into the academic day and aligned with the Monadnock Regional School District Curriculum (which has been aligned with the state curriculum frameworks).

    Morning Exercises:
    Morning exercises shall be observed by each class in the following manner: a salute to the flag as prescribed by law, and a patriotic song. Student participation is voluntary. Consideration for religious sects must be considered and followed. In most classrooms, Morning Meetings (part of the social curriculum) are conducted. The morning meeting has the following aims: to create community, to foster responsive interactions; to teach the skills needed to be a responsive member of a classroom and school through daily rituals and patterns. Morning Meetings create an attentive, alert, responsive and friendly tone for the day. They teach important skills for academic success, such as listening, speaking, synthesizing information, problem solving, following directions, decision making, reading, writing, spelling and math skills.

    School Hours and Drop Off and Pick Up Information:
    The school day begins promptly at 8:30am and bus dismissal will begin at 3:05pm. Emerson School has the Project Beyond the Bell program (after school) for Cohort A (Monday and Wednesday). For more information, please check out the Beyond the Bell webpage.   All students who are dropped off may be dropped off at 8:20am, but no sooner than that. When students arrive by bus, they must come through the front door and head directly to their classroom (remember no sooner than 8:20am). Students who arrive after 8:30am must report to the school office and get a  tardy pass. Also, please know that the end of-day pick-up spot is on the multi-purpose room side of the building. A staff member will call the student when you are at the side door in your car.  If your child(ren) walks or rides a bike, please send in a note that gives them permission to do so.