Science Faculty

  • Paw Dr. Elliot Kaplan

    • Physical Science
    • Chemistry
    • AP Chemistry

    Paw Julie Farhm

    • Astronomy
    • Topics in Science
    • Conceptual Physics
    • Physics

    Paw Suzy Deasy

    • Biology
    • Human Anatomy & Physiology

    Paw Dane Badders

    • Biology
    • Marine Biology
    • Environmental Science

    Paw Christopher Flood

    • Earth Science

    Middle School

    Paw John Naso

    Paw Kristal Lorette

    Paw Joseph Campbell

    Understanding and appreciating the wealth of scientific knowledge that has been amassed in human history, and most particularly over the course of the last 110 years, is certainly an area of focus for the Monadnock Regional Middle/High School Science Department.  But beyond that, the Science Department aims, through traditional classwork and authentic experiences, to assist students in their growth as thinkers and as problem solvers.  It is our hope that the study of science at MRMHS will nurture in our students these and other skills which will help them to be successful no matter where their career paths take them.  By learning to think, evaluate, analyze, critique, and evaluate, students will carry the benefits of their Monadnock experience well beyond graduation day.