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Class Setup


    Beginning of Year Setup 



    Each time a new class starts, you will have to set up your Traditional Grades calculations.  This is how your individual grades will be calculated to make Quarter, Semester and Final Year long grades

    PowerTeacher Pro is much different than the old PowerTeacher Gradebook, but the setup is essentially the same.

    First:  In PowerTeacher Pro Choose the Setup menu from the pane on the left side of the screen:Setup 1


    Next, Choose the Year Long Grade setup.  (If you are teaching a Semester or Quarter long class, you will not see Y1.  Just use the Semester or Quarter you are teaching.  If you have a half year class, use S1, if you are teaching a Quarter long class, choose the Quarter the class is meeting.)Setup 2


    Only YOU know how you want this calculated.  My advice to you is the same as it has always been, but I know that some departments have decided to do this differently.  There are arguments for any number of ways to set this up.  The only thing I will say is Please Set it Up!  The way I will show you is to set up with Quarters and Exams calculating to form a Year-Long course grade.  Other choices include using category weights, or total points.

    REMEMBER!!!  If you leave your Year Long grade setup at "Total Points", you should be ready to explain to parents why what they see on their report cards doesn't always look right.  The points from every assignment for the whole year will be added together and the earned points divided by the points possible to get a Final grade.  Since this is not standardized any longer - I will not be looking at these calculations - so please be certain your grades are calculating the way you intend for them to be.

    In the Y1 Reporting term (or S1 or S2), you will need to adjust all of the circled areas in the following illustration.

    Setup 3

    TERM WEIGHTING for Y1 is divided into 2 semesters.  Those are all you need to put into this Y1 final grade setup.  2 equal semesters.


    Now, we go to the two semesters:  Since they exist, and are a part of the Y1 grade, they need a grade setup as well.  Semester grades are calculated, but not reported in PowerSchool or on report cards for year-long classes.  They are reported as a Y1 grade in Semester-Long classes, but you don't need to worry about that - I just import them into the Y1 grading container in stored grades. will see Term weighting in action here.  

    Setup 4

    A typical Grade setup for the year would be 45% for each quarter and 5% for each major exam.  (meaning 45% for Q1, 45% for Q2 and 10% for E1 on Semester 1, and the same for Q3, Q4 and E2)  Or 40% for each quarter and 20% for each exam.  


    Next is the individual Quarters.  This, again, is changing yearly.  I have an illustration here of setting up category weighting.  You can leave this at Total Points if you would rather.  You can change the categories around if you choose, using the Categories menu under the "Grading" tab.  More on that in later tutorials.

    Setup 5 Category

    Choose Category Weighting, Choose a category, then assign it a weight or percentage of the Quarter grade.  Click the Plus button on the right hand side of the screen to choose another category.  There are four categories automatically included.  You may add more or edit colors and names on the Categories menu in the Grading tab.

    Many teachers are choosing to use the Total Points method of calculation.  Remember that using Total Points puts everything on a level basis, You will have to choose how many points an assignment is worth when you create it to make a test count more than a homework or class participation.  Remember the Calculate Overall Class Grade box must be checked in all of these windows.

    Setup 6-Points

    I am here to help.  If you have gone through this tutorial and still have difficulty, please do not hesitate to call me at 6968 or send a request to