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  • Welcome to Monadnock Regional Middle/High School!

    I am pleased to be beginning my third year as the principal at Monadnock. As we begin this year we are implementing a new master schedule. We call it a seven class, five academic block rotating schedule, because students can take up to seven classes in five blocks, because the classes rotate. Not every class meets every day. I encourage you to view the student planner, which has a link from the homepage, for more information.

    We are excited by the renovations to the building which occurred this summer, and about the new staff which have  joined us this year.

    We are emphasizing our Core Values this year. Our theme for the year is, "Show our Husky PRIDE!" "Pride" serves as an acronmy for:

    P  = Perserverance - being productive

    R = Respect/Responsibility - do what we need to do. Show respect for self and others

    I = Integrity - do the right thing - doing what we say we will do.

    D = Dedicated to maximizing our potential

    E = Empathy -showing care and concern for others

      These values represent the foundation of a Monadnock education and are embedded in our curriculum, in the operation of our school, and in the decisions we make.

    We encourage community and parent participation in our school. Let us know when we can help and how you are willing to help us.

    Have a great school year. J. Butterfield


    Please feel free to contact me using my email address: or by phone at 352-6575 ext. 6703.




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