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Technology is "humanity's most essential ingredient. What sets us apart is an itch, a permanent, hard-wired, unscratchable irritation with the general state of things. We are alone among species in being so dissatisfied with the universe nature gave us that we have created tools to fix it.                                        - John Perry Barlow

  Mr. Kuhn's 2017-18 Schedule

Day A Day B

Block 1

 Architectural Design/CAD  &  Engineering Design/CAD  Prep

Block 2

Advisory Advisory

Block 3

Yearbook (Publication Design)  Technical Drawing I &   Advanced Technical Drawing

Block 4a

 Prep  Graphic Design

Block 4b


Block 5

 Designing Minds  or Illustrate & Invent (MS)

Click <ahref="http:"" webpages="" gkuhn="" files="" g_kuhn%202012_13%20weekly%20lesson%20plans.xlsx"="" target="_blank">HERE to see the planned schedule for this week.
Click HERE for information on Pathways in Engineeering, Architecture & Manufacturing

Click HERE for RESOURCES related to Careers in Engineering, Architecture and Manufacturing

    Extracurricular Activities/ Links

  MRHS Technology Student Association Archive
  New Hampshire Destination Imagination
Destination Imagination
     Professional Organizations/ Links

New Hampshire Technology Education Association

New England Association of Technology Teachers

International Technology and Engineering Educators Association
     Professional Resources
  NH Technology Literacy Curriculum Guide
  Standards for Technological Literacy
  Advancing Excellence in Technological Literacy
  STL Executive Summary
  AETL Executive Summary

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