Mrs. Kelley's Home Page

  • Welcome to my website. I can be reached at

    or at the high school phone number 352-6575 ext: 6808.

    The best way to view and get information about my class and classes is through my Google Classroom sites. Each of my classes has a Google classroom site. In addition there is also a shared Google Classroom site for the Monadnock Reads, Summer Reading Program. If you would like access to a class, please contact me via email and I will be happy to help you. I am also the school newspaper magazine, The Pawprint, advisor. Students are welcome to join the staff or contribute work to the weekly newsletter or to the quarterly magazine. They may submit by sharing documents with me through google drive, or contacting me for information about our student editors.

    My Schedule this year is as follows.


    A Days
    Block 1: Prep

    Block 2: Advisory

    Block 3: 11 CP English

    Block 4: 11 CP English

    Block 5: 11 English 


    B Days

    Block 1: Senior Capstone

    Block 2: Advisory

    Block 3: Prep

    Block 4: Senior Capstone

    Block 5: 11 CP English