Human Anatomy and Physiology



    Human Anatomy and Physiology (Elective option for juniors and seniors)  1 credit


    This elective course is designed for students who enjoy biology and/or who plan to continue the study of biology beyond high school, especially in a health-related field.  It offers an in-depth study of human anatomy and physiology at the cellular, tissue, and systemic levels.  Emphasis is placed on how the body maintains a steady state and how diseases occur when structures and functions break down. Systems to be studied include integumentary, muscle, skeletal, nerves, endocrine, circulatory, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive. A variety of required laboratory work is included in such areas as histology, organ dissections, and the complete dissection of the fetal pig; as well as outside reading assignments and projects.  Students who take this course report that they are well prepared for college after high school.


    Prerequisites:     Successful completion of Academic Biology and or approval by the teacher prior to registration.



    Use the link to access The Introductory Materials for the course:


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