Film Review Rubric

  • Film Studies                                                 Name: __________________________

    Film Review





    1.  Strong Introduction (25 points)                                                         _______

                a.  includes a good “hook” to get the reader’s interest

                b.  uses names of characters/actors

                d.  film title must be in italics

    e.    includes a strong thesis statement: Does the reader

    know how you feel about this film?



    2.  Body/Conclusion (25 points)                                                             _______

                a.  covers basic plot without giving too much away

                b.  discusses the relevant parts of the film

                c.  clearly states what is effective or ineffective

                     in the film through the use of examples

    d.    includes a strong conclusion without

    including new information

    e.    grammar/spelling



                                                                                        TOTAL: __________




    Required film review lengths: 

    College Prep credit: 500 words, General credit: 250 words

    A film review may be neatly handwritten.