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    Have a GREAT school year and let me know if you have questions, I'm at your service.

    Mrs. Geiss

    School Counselor

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    School Year Calendar of Events


    Student Registrations/Withdrawals

    Powerschool Parent Portal performance access letters sent home with 7th grade students.

    Getting to know new students to the Middle School

    Progress Report Grades close.


    Quarter 1 closes and report cards mailed home. 

    Red Ribbon Week   Respect Yourself - Be Drug Free!


    Veteran's Day - NO SCHOOL - 

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Guidance lesson called All About Me in all 7th grade classrooms; Values, Beliefs & Goal planning.


    Parent/Teacher conferences.

    Quarter 2 progress report grades mailed home. 

    Guidance lesson in 8th grade classrooms;Introduction to College & Career Readiness utilizing Naviance and high school planning and goal setting.

    Happy & Safe Holidays to all!


    Happy New Year 2018!  Hope it's a GREAT one for all!

    Continuing with 8th grade classroom introductions to college & career readiness and 

    planning utilizing Naviance online.  

    Semester II begins.

    Getting ready for scheduling middle school students for the new school year!

    Quarter 2 ends.


    Scheduling students for the new school year begins. Course selections will be

    completed online using Chromebooks. Copies of course requests will be printed, 

    signed by parents and returned to school prior to April vacation.  School schedules for the 

    new school year will be distributed on the first day of the new school year. 



    Course selections for grade 7 and 6 students begins.  Visits to elementary school to share 

    the course selection process with 6th grade students.

    Completed course selections forms are due prior to April vacation.

    Counseling interventions continue - encourage students to seek out classroom teachers

    during W.I.N time.


    Counseling interventions continue.  Course selections forms collected and entered into

    Powerschool for the new school year. Continue to encourage students to work with their

    teachers after-school for additional support and during W.I.N. time.

    High Honors Breakfast for students earning high honors qtr 1, 2 or 3.


    Counseling interventions continue. Continue to encourage students to work with their 


    New Hampshire State Assessment System grades 7 & 8 

    Quarter 4 progress grades mailed home.


    Step Up Day and Evening for parents & 6th grade students!

    Final report cards mailed home.