Monadnock Regional Middle-High School Data/Information Dashboard (HS)

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    NH Department of Education

    MRMHS - HS Overview

    Schools and Districts performance in the following domains are shown below. In addition, the relative performance of the school/district compared to the performance of all the other schools/districts in the given domain is indicated by its quartile.
      MRMHS - HS Profile   Overall look of district make-up including demographics, superintendent information, and school information. 
      Student Achievement Academic Achievement in NH is measured by examining both student performance (how well did students perform) and student participation (did all students participate) on state assessments. Only students who spend most of the year enrolled in their school are included when reporting the performance of students. 
      College & Career Readiness New Hampshire Department of Education is dedicated to ensuring that all students graduate high school and are prepared for college and career success. Adjusted 4 and 5 year Cohort Graduation rates are used to monitor high school graduation outcomes. Annual Dropout rates (not including early exit students) are also studied to ensure that all our students get the opportunity to graduate high school.
      School Environment A school environment is broadly characterized by its facilities, classrooms, school-based health supports, and disciplinary policies and practices. It is a key factor in creating a physically and emotionally safe, well disciplined environment that is conducive to learning and growth.