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    Substitute Placement & Absence Management

    Monadnock Regional School District is introducing Aesop to substitutes and all other employees.  Aesop is an automated substitute placement and management service that can be accessed by either phone and/or the web system.  Users simply login via the web or by phone to start the process.

    Two training seminars were introduced to substitutes in early August that will be working in the district for the 13/14 school year.  There were additional training seminars for Teachers and Paraprofessionals, who will also have to use the new software program. 

    We are hoping to set up a training station for new subs so that they can go through the tutorial that Aesop offers as a training tool, along with a booklet that will be given to them for reference.

    The efficient Solutions with Aesop are:

    • Sub callers will no longer have to spend hours each day on the phone, trying to locate subs to fill positions for that day.

    v  It allows employees to create absences on line or over the phone.

    v  Allows substitutes to search for an accept jobs via phone or the web.

    • Aesop will integrate with our Payroll/HR software.

    v  Save hours spent manually entering data.

    • We want to get the most qualified substitutes in each classroom.

    v  Use skill-matching to find the most qualified substitutes for your school.

    v  Create teacher, school and district-level preference list.

    • Track and report on employee trends.

    v  View absences and fill rate with a real-time dashboard 24/7.

    v  Create instant reports.

    Teachers and Paraprofessionals will be able to upload lesson plans for the substitute, for the day that they are absent.  This will better accommodate children in the classroom, so that for that absence, the flow of learning will continue, while the Teacher or Paraprofessional is out in a more efficient manner.

    We, as a district, are excited about Aesop that will streamline and create less paperwork and give substitutes more opportunity to sub in all schools.  We hope you too see the benefits for all with the start of the 13/14 School year.

    Please see below for .pdf versions of the:

    Aesop Employee Web Guide,
    Employee Phone Guide,
    Substitute Web Guide, and the
    Substitute Phone Guide

    All of these training items, along with training videos, are available for review athttp://help.frontlinek12.com/CampusUser/Help/index.htm .