• 11/27/2018 - Additional Targeted Support Information

    Similar to the rules during No Child Left Behind(NCLB), under the new federal education
    law, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the state is required to identify schools that
    require support in some way. Unlike NCLB, the state is looking at more than just
    proficiency levels; they monitor four indicators for elementary and middle schools:
    ● Achievement (NHSAS, SAT, DLM)
    ● Growth - (over multiple years)
    ● Equity (are our lowest achieving 25% off students growing at the same level or
    greater than the other 75%?)
    ● English Language Proficiency - Students who do not speak language improving
    on their english language skills.

    Schools are rated (1-4) on each of the indicators and the schools that show the most need
    based on these indicators are identified as Comprehensive Support and Intervention
    schools (CSI). The good news is that none of our schools have made this list.

    There is, however, another list that some of our schools are on. It is called the Additional
    Targeted Support schools and it is based on subgroups. Along with whole school ratings
    using the above indicators, the state also monitors subgroups using the same indicators.
    The subgroups that they are looking at are IEP/SWD, SES, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Island,
    Black, More than one race, American Indian, and English Language Learners. Only
    subgroups that have more than 11 members are counted and if a student fits into more
    than one subgroup they are counted in each subgroup.

    Schools identified as Additional Targeted Support schools do not need to make a plan or
    work directly with the state to make improvements. The schools will be offered
    professional development and guidance specific to the subgroup that lead to the
    identification. The schools that are identified will be reassessed in 3 years. If
    improvements have not been made, they will be identified as a CSI school and will have
    much more intervention from the state to ensure improvements are made.


    MRSD Additional Targeted Support Date and Infromation


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