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  • All students in grades 5 -12 are issued a Chromebook for school use.

    Chromebooks that are issued in 5th grade are replaced when the student reaches 9th grade.

    Students are responsible for all damages that occur to their issued Chromebook.

    Repairs at MRMHS are done in the Library IT Office between 10-11:15 am (WIN block)

    The following pricing structure has been established for Chromebook damages.


      Damaged screen $40.00
      Replacement charger for models before 2018 (G5 and older) $10.00
      Replacement USB-C charger for new models (2018 to present) $20.00
      Missing keys: 3 or more $60.00
      Damaged motherboard or headphone jack or USB ports $240.00
      Lost or stolen device $240.00


photo of HP chromebook