Employee Handbook

  • Monadnock Regional School District 

    Employee Handbook

    All employees must certify that they have reviewed the handbook each year. 

    This link will take you to the online handbook tutorial.  Completion of this tutorial will satisfy the annual review requirement.  Please be sure to sign in with your MRSD email account when prompted.


    A copy of the complete handbook can be viewed here.

     Our Mission

    The Monadnock Regional School District is a combined community of learners, education professionals & support staff, volunteers, businesses & civic organizations, tax-payers, and families who represent the towns of Fitzwilliam, Gilsum, Richmond, Roxbury, Swanzey, and Troy.

    We embrace our shared responsibility to guide students to become active citizens who are both empowered and inspired to contribute to the future of their community.

    Therefore, we collaborate not just to teach, but also to engage and educate every student in our district in an environment that is challenging, caring, and safe, while fostering life-long learning.