The Pandorian Yearbook

The Pandorian is a STUDENT PRODUCED publication created as part of the
Yearbook Publication design/production class.
(As with any publication, we do our best to avoid errors, but purchasers must be aware that in any endeavor of this size undertaken by a team composed primarily of novices, mistakes will occasionally slip past us). 

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_______________ MRMHS Advisor


Mea Carroll-Clough, '23
Colby Handy, '23
Graison Keenan, '24
Adrianna Bedard, '24
Alex Russell, '25
Trenton Wise, '25

The "Yearbook Publication" course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the publishing process by designing, building, and marketing “The Pandorian”, our Yearbook, and the school’s annual historical document. Students will work on developing skills in graphics, desktop publishing, computer design, photography, and marketing.  They will be challenged to graphically capture important moments in the school year. They will research, organize, and verify the information for accuracy and relevancy. They will develop creative ideas to present this information, and organize their work to meet deadlines. They will also market their publication in the school and in the larger community. Potential students should be aware that this course requires out-of-class work during and after school, some weekends and during special events throughout the school year, including the possibility of some summer work. The selection of students should be based on a demonstration of proficiency in communication, problem solving and creativity, organization and self-management, and an ability to work with others in a team environment.

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