Tardy Policy

  • Late Arrival

    Students are expected to plan ahead in order to arrive at school on time. Students who are late for school must check in at the front reception desk. Students are required to carry their student ID in order to swipe in. On the 6th and every subsequent tardy to school, the student will receive office detention, 6 am detention, and/or an In-School Suspension. If the behavior isn’t corrected, a parents' conference will be set up and alternative consequences may be administered, such as removal of parking privileges, Senior Privileges, Late Arrival, Early Dismissal, extra-curricular activities (dances, performances), etc.

    Students are expected to attend all classes and Learning Labs that are on their schedule. Students who miss classes are placing themselves at a disadvantage as they will be expected to meet school-wide and course competencies even if they are not present. Consequences are issued for missing class without an acceptable or excusable reason in order to reinforce to students the importance of being accountable for their presence for safety reasons and to attend classes for educational reasons. For this reason, the offense will be communicated directly to the administration and consequences will be issued.