Endangered Species Project

  •  Endangered Species Project

    Have you ever heard that an animal is an Endangered Species? 

    Do you know what that means? 

    How does a species end up on this list? 

    Well, in this activity, you are going to be looking for the answers to these questions.  You will be researching an endangered species of your choice using the 

    Earths Endangered

    E-Species Facts Sheet website

    International Union for Conservation of Nature

    Once you have found your animal I recommend the website:  Arkive.org


    You will create a PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate your knowledge about your chosen endangered species.  You MUST use the template I have provided for your presentation.  If you lose the guide handout, just click on the link below to print-out a new one. 

    Good Luck and I hope you enjoy your journey!

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