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    School Health Services provide support to students to help them achieve and maintain their optimal level of health and wellness and be ready to learn. The school nurse is available to assist students and families with questions or concerns that relate to the child’s health. As a member of the school team, the school nurse works closely with teachers and others to ensure that the child’s educational goals are being met.

    Important Notices



    The state requirements for school immunizations are issued by The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.



    Prescribed medication should not be taken during school hours if it is possible to achieve the medical regimen at home other than school hours.  Non-prescribed medication will not be encouraged during school hours.


    However, should a student’s condition necessitate the administration of medication during school hours, the nurse must be contacted.  A current written doctor's order and written parent permission is required. All medications MUST come in the original container and MUST be brought in by an adult. This is for safety, as well as the State of NH requirement for nurse administration. 


    Emergency Health Information Forms

    Emergency Health Information forms need to be updated each school year. This provides the health office with any medical updates, as well as consent to treat your child during the school day if necessary. Without written consent from parent/guardian, your child cannot receive OTC medication. 


    Please note: Below you will find the Emergency Health Information Form and Medication Consent Form.


    Please feel free to contact the school health office for any questions and/or concerns. 


    Phone: 603-903-6701

    Fax: (603)355-1209
    Nurse Amy Adams




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