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  • Music is a great way to improve literacy! I read books to the students on a regular basis so that they can hear the rhythmic patterns of the words.

    This book list contains some of the books that we have read or will read in music class.  They are listed in groups according to either the music standard or subject for easy reference.

Sing (Rhythm)

Listen, analyze, describe

Music and the arts

  • A Day In The Life of a Dancer

    by Linda Hayward Year Published:
    We read this before we study "The Nutcracker" as it gives the students an introduction to ballet.
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  • Can You Hear It?

    by William Lach Year Published:
    Written in association with The Metropolitan Museum of Art, students are introduced to great music through great works of art.
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  • Carnival of the Animals

    by Jack Prelutsky Year Published:
    Camille Saint Saens' classic with extra verses written and read by Jack Prelutsky. Students love moving like the animals, and get to follow a listening map that uses fish and bubbles instead of notes for "The Aquarium" segment.
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  • Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite

    by Anna Harwell Celenza Year Published:
    Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn transformed the romantic ballet music into jumpin' jazz melodies inspired by their travels.
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  • Gershwin's Rhapsody In Blue

    by Anna Harwell Celenza Year Published:
    Telling the story of how George Gershwin composed his "experiment in modern music", the accompanying CD has Gershwin himself playing the piece.
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  • I See A Song

    by Eric Carle Year Published:
    When the musician plays his violin, a world of shapes and color swirls into life.
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  • Peter and the Wolf

    by Vladimir Vagin Year Published:
    Students love the story of how Peter and his animal friends caught the wolf. It's also a great introduction to the instruments of the orchestra as all the characters are represented by a different instrument. We have an "Instrument Petting Zoo" so students can see and touch the various instruments.
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  • The Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart

    by Kyra Teis Year Published:
    The author has adapted the story of the opera into a shorter version which keeps all the essential fairy tale elements: the evil queen, the prince and princess, the sorcerer, and of course the magic flute. We listen to excerpts from the opera as the book is read.
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  • The Nutcracker

    by Susan Jeffers Year Published:
    A holiday tradition that introduces ballet. Students love the story of Marie, her prince, the Sugar Plum Fairy, and, of course, the evil Mouse King! We read the book, and then watch the movie of the George Balanchine ballet production starring MacCauley Culkin (who the students recognize from "Home Alone").
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  • Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo

    by John Lithgow Year Published:
    Written by the actor John Lithgow, this is a rhyming story about a boy who goes to an outdoor concert with his family. Amazing things happen when the music starts!
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  • The Remarkable Farkle McBride

    by John Lithgow Year Published:
    Another book by the actor John Lithgow, this is about Farkle McBride, a boy who can play any instrument in the orchestra!
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  • The Story of the Orchestra

    by Robert Levine Year Published:
    This is an introduction to each instrument of the orchestra, the stories of famous composers from Bach to Stravinsky and an explanation of different musical styles. The CD lets the students listen to examples.
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  • Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin

    by Lloyd Moss Year Published:
    This is a wonderful introduction to musical instruments and musical groups, and a counting book as well.
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