My Homework

  • Homework

    Homework is sent home every Friday and due back the following Thursday.  I always have a coversheet that gives the assignments.

    Here is an example coversheet.

    HOMEWORK for 11/8/13

    DUE: 11/14/13

    1.               Reader Log- Students need to read at least 1 time for 20 minutes.  I ask that they review what they read, reflect on how they feel about it, and predict what might happen next.  This is a skill we practice at school, so they should be familiar with how to do this.  Please be sure parents initial that you have read!

    2.               Both grades will complete the “Parts of Speech” and “Adjective and Adverb” worksheet.

    3.               Math- 3rd graders are working on rounding and adding and subtracting numbers within 1000.  Please complete the two worksheets on adding and subtracting numbers within 1000. 

    4th graders have work on prime and composite numbers and in and out boxes.  Please complete the worksheets on each.