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    This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn all about the topic and then come tell Mrs. Tardiff the answers during your snack or recess break. Master any of the challenges and you can earn your way onto the Hall of Fame.  16 mastered challenges will get your name on the Hall of Fame!! 

    The Challenges can be found on the file below.  



    • *** 2010-2011  Molly H.  22 completed  ***

    *** 2011-2012  Eric C. 19 completed  ***

    *** 2012-2013 Jacob K. completed 17 ***

    *** 2012-2013 Liam Y. completed 16 ***

    Mastery Club idea is thanks to Mrs. Renz's webpage

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