Great Stone Face Award

Teaching the Great Stone Face Award


The Great Stone Face Book Award is sponsored by the Children's Librarians of New Hampshire (CHILIS) and is given each year to an author whose book receives the most votes from fourth through sixth graders throughout the state. Each year a committee chooses 25 recently published titles, which children then use as a guide for voting.

The GSF Committee has the primary responsibility of nominating titles to be considered. However, nominations will be accepted from teachers, public/school librarians, students and publishers as long as they are within the following requirements:

• Only titles published within 3 years of the current school year are eligible
• Titles shall be appropriate for grades 4 to 6
• An author may be a resident of any country
• More than one title by the same author can be nominated
• A title in a series must stand-alone
• Newbery Award and other award winners can be nominated for the list
• Non-fiction titles (informational, biographical, and poetry) can be nominated
• A title originally published outside of the United States can be nominated based upon its U.S. publication date



Here are some resources for teaching:

Great Stone Face Booktalks and Podcasts by Nancy Keane

Great Stone Face online booklist - Dover Public Library

Great Stone Face brochure 2011-12  pdf

Great Stone Face brochure 2011-12  word doc

Great Stone Face brochure 2011-12 with hearts   word doc

2011-12 Great Stone Face PowerPoint

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