Cafe Dewey

Cafe Dewey

This is an idea created by Jennie Scott-McKenzie and Adame (2008) and initially called "Chez Dewey". Jennie posted on LM_NET on 12/4/08 that there was "no need to ask - please use "Chez Dewey"!". So in that spirit... here are some ideas and resources that have been collected. From the group responding this has been done successfully with grades 3-7.

Students take on the roles of customer, waiter, chef, assistant chef, buspeople, etc. Seated at tableclothed tables, the customers order their meals (book topics) from a menu. The waiter takes the customer's order and gives the order to the chef. The chef, seated in the kitchen (an opac station), prepares the meal by searching for the topic on the opac. They write down the ingredients (call number) and request that the assistant chef find the items (book). The assistant chef locates the item (book) and hands it to the waiter (they can use a shelfmarker to mark where the item came from). The waiter places the book on a tray and serves it to the customer. Busboys can reshelve the books once they have been "consumed"! Customers can be kept busy at the table by making bookmarks, coloring placemats, do a word search, or looking a books that have been left on the table. You can hand students food-related bookmarks as they leave, or let them keep their "menus" as a souvenir. If you are really inspired you can feed them!

The librarian plays the role of the Maitre'd (Head Waiter) and makes sure that the restaurant runs smoothly. They check in with customers to make sure they are satisfied with their meal, makes sure that things are running efficiently in the kitchen and occasionally "fire" staff who aren't working up to speed!

There are infinite ways to run your cafe - the skies the limit!

can range from none to all sorts of items. Try borrowing items from your cafeteria!
Customers: hats, dress-up clothes, menus.
Waiters: bow ties, aprons, carry a clipboard or pad for orders, carry a tray, or a towel over their arm.
Chefs: a chef hat, apron.
Assistant chefs: an apron, chef hat, hair net.
Busboys: apron, towel over arm

McDewey - a fast food cafe
submitted by Patty Molm

I have been doing the Dewey Diner (Chez Dewey) activity with my fourth graders. I had a shortened period this week where I would not have time to do the full dining experience. I entered the class and told the students we wouldn't be doing Dewey Diner, and they all groaned. I have never had that response about a missed Dewey lesson before! So I told them sometimes, when my family is really busy we don't have time for a full sit down dinner. The kids caught on immediately and yelled out fast food. One girl even yelled out McDewey (which is what I had already named it). I made bookmark sized menus with McDewey on the top and the 10 classes with a brief description. S tudents paired up and could order 2 items from the menu. Since at fast food places you bus your own tables, the customer had to reshelve the books before it was their turn to be the McDewey clerk. It filled the time I had available perfectly, the kids loved it, and they had practice shelving non-fiction books.

McDewey bookmark - located below in documents

The documents located below were sent after a request for them on LM_NET. Everyone who created them agreed to "share" them.

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Cafe Dewey Resource Kit
for use by MRSD Library Staff only!

  • plastic checked tablecloths (4) red & blue
  • 4 serving trays
  • 4 chef hats
  • 3 chef jackets
  • 4 aprons
  • notebook with masters of menus, lesson plans and other printed materials
  • cd with documents and images

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