Library Skills Resource Kits

  •  Library Skills Resource Kits

    The following resources are available for borrowing by MRSD Library Staff.
     Please check the Booking calendar 2011-12 for availability. 

    Don't forget to also look at the Storybags, the Office Resource collection, and the Videos
    for more lesson ideas.

    Alphabetizing - Grades K-1   |   Alphabetizing - Grades 2-3   |   Blindness & Visual Disabilities 
      Cafe Dewey   |   Caldecott Award  |   Dewey Decimal System 
     Doorbell Rang (Math & Children's Literature)   |   Fractured Fairy Tales - 3 Little pigs  
    History of Books & Printing   |   Japan   |   Make way for Ducklings   |  Ladybug Books 
    Newbery Award  |  NH Geography & Maps   | NH Primary - Mary had a little lamb  
    NH Intermediate - Mills in NH history   | Poetry - Primary   |   Poetry - Intermediate  
      Snowy Day   |   Tall Tales |   World Folklore - Cinderella
    All resource kits come with a notebook of lesson plans, reproducibles, biographies of authors/illustrators, Internet resources and more.

    • Alphabetizing and alphabetical order - Grades K-1 - created by the MCF grant
      Alphabet Links
      • Alphabet poster
      • Magnet/chalk board & magnetic alphabet letters alphabet block 
      • Alphabet shelf markers
      • Alphabet Lace-a-word set
      • Wearable alphabet (letters strung on ribbon)
      • Books
        • ABC3D by Marion Bataille
        • Alphabet under Construction by Denise Fleming  
        • Alphabatics by Suse MacDonald
        • Alison's Zinnia by Anita Lobel
        • Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin
        • Eating the Alphabet by Lois Ehlert
        • Firefighters A-Z by Chris Demarest
        • G is for Granite: A New Hampshire Alphabet by Marie Harris
        • Irresistible A,B,C's: 50 easy, fun multisensory activities
        • Paper Cutting Stories from A-Z

    • Alphabetizing and alphabetical order - Grades 2-3 - created by the MCF grant
      Alphabet Links
      • Alphabet poster
      • Magnet/chalk board & magnetic alphabet letters - upper & lower case
      • Alphabet shelf markers
      • Alphabet match me cards
      • Alphabet stamp kit
      • Alphabet sorting beads
      • Alphabet flash cards
      • Alphabet keys
      • Books
        • A is for America by Devin Scillian
        • ABC3D by Marion Bataille
        • Alphabet City by Stephen Johnson
        • Antler, Bear, Canoe: a Northwoods Alphabet by Betsy Bowen
        • Children from Australia to Zimbabwe : a photographic journey around the world by Maya Ajmera
        • G is for Granite: A New Hampshire Alphabet by Marie Harris
        • The Handmade Alphabet by Laura Rankin
        • Paper Cutting Stories from A-Z
        • Tomorrow's alphabet by George Shannon
        • The Z was zapped by Chris Van Allsburg

    • Blindness/Visual Disabilities and Reading
      Blind/Visually Handicapped/Braille Internet Links 
      • Comic book (2 copies): The story of Bonnie -- a Seeing Eye dog
      • Putting Miracles in Motion: How Seeing Eye dogs are trained
      • Tapping the Charcoal. Large print book with short stories about blind people
      • Tapping the Charcoal - Braille edition.
      • If Blindness comes - large print book
      • Oh! say, can you see... - large print book
      • Seeing Eye Brochure
      • Braille alphabet cards
      • "What is it"? bag - includes blindfold & 8 objects
      • Items from Transition Coordinator's collection
        • Braille playing cards
        • Braille dice
        • Braille dominos
        • Braille calendar
        • Braille Weekly Reader - with US raised map
        • Book "What do you say dear" with braille text
        • Vision device to show blurred vision
      • Video: "Keeping an eye on a Friend". 4 1/2 mins.
        Tells the story of Duke a Seeing Eye dog from his point of view.
      • Talking book: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge - book & tape
      • Books
        • Apt. 3 by Ezra Jack Keats
        • Brave Norman: a true story by Andrew Clements
        • Buddy: the first seeing eye dog by Eva Moore
        • Knots on a counting rope by Bill Martin
        • A picture book of Louis Braille by David Adler
        • A picture book of Helen Keller by David Adler
        • Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young
        • That terrible awful day by Suzette Wright - a tactile/braille book

    • Caldecott Award - the work of the illustrator - created by the MCF grant
      Caldecott Award Links
      • Art Medium of the Caldecott display  Caldecott art medium display 
      • Caldecott book bingo game
      • Caldecott Award information card
      • Video: Randolph Caldecott, the man behind the medal (15 mins)
      • Caldecott flash cards
      • Caldecott Art Media powerpoint
      • Caldecott poster
      • Books
        • 100 Most popular picture book authors and illustrators
        • Art through children's literature: Creative art lessons for Caldecott books
        • Using Caldecotts Across the curriculum
        • Hooked on the Caldecott awards winners: 60 crossword puzzles
        • The Art Lesson by Tomie dePaola
        • Caldecott connections to language arts
        • Saint George & the dragon - illus. by NH illustrator Trina Schart Hyman
        • Talking with the Artists
        • Three Little Pigs by David Wiesner - 2002 Caldecott winner
        • Sing a song of sixpence by Randolph Caldecott
            Books for Art Medium display
          • Abraham Lincoln
          • Ashanti to Zulu
          • Jumanji
          • Mirette on the high wire
          • Rapunzel
          • Saint George & the dragon
          • Shadow
          • Snowflake Bentley
          • Song & Dance Man

    • Dewey Decimal System - created by the MCF grantDewey Decimal display 
       Dewey Decimal Internet Links
      • Dewey Draw - A card game for grades 2-5 to familiarize them with the Dewey Decimal system.
      • Dewey Match - a set of Dewey Decimal cards and instructions for 3 different games to play with them.
      • Dewey Decimal book bingo game
      • Blackline masters for teaching the Dewey Decimal system
      • Dewey Decimal system cards: 11 cards (1 for each hundred and 1 entire)
      • Dewey Posters: 2 sets (Charlie Brown & Contemporary)
      • Dewey posters: 2 large laminated posters
      • Dewey alphabet posters
      • Dewey bookmarks
      • Dewey Rap
      • Dewey shelf markers
      • Books:
        • Dewey and the Decimals: Learning games and activities
        • The Dewey Decimal system by Allan Fowler
        • Great Dewey Hunt by Toni Buzzeo (includes reproducible library lessons)
        • What Marion taught Willis


    • The Doorbell Rang - Math and Children's Literature - created by the MCF grant
      • Doorbell (battery operated)
      • Cooking set: oven mitts, baking sheet, trays, cookies, spatula, spoon, plates, recipe
      • Story sets: Inch by Inch, Mouse Count
      • Book & tape of The Doorbell Rang by Pat Hutchins
      • Book: The Doorbell rang
      • book: Cookie Count: a tasty pop-up by Robert Sabuda

    • Fractured Fairy Tales - The Three little pigs
      Fractured fairy tale Internet links
      • Pig noses (3)
      • Wolf mask
      • Pig mask
      • Flowers and flower lei
      • Pocket chart for comparing & contrasting versions
      • Finger puppet stage (self-standing) and 4 finger puppets (3 pigs & wolf)
      • Video: Three little pigs (James Marshall version)  vhs
      • Video: True story of the 3 little pigs (Sciezka) dvd
      • Books:
        • Frantic Frogs and other frankly fractured folktales for reader's theatre
        • Silly Salamanders and other slightly stupid stuff for reader's theatre
        • Three little pigs by Paul Galdone
        • Three little pigs by James Marshall
        • True story of the 3 little pigs by Jon Scieszka
        • Three pigs by David Wiesner
        • Three little wolves and the big bad pig by Eugene Trivizas
        • Three little javelinas
        • Wait! No paint! by Bruce Whatley
        • Three little cajun pigs by Mike Artell
        • Three little fish and the big bad shark by Ken Geist

    • History of Books and Printing
      History of Books and printing Internet links
      • Resource notebook
      • Powerpoint on history of books & printing
      • Video: Simon's Book
        Reading Rainbow 30mins. Visit a printing plant to see a book printed & bound. Includes a small cartoon movie of the history of printing.
      • Papyrus scroll
      • Moveable type pieces
      • Reverse alphabet pieces - to practice "setting" type
      • Feather quill & glass quill
      • School-house chalk board set – slate, game sheet, chalk & small eraser
      • CD rom - Library of Congress - includes brief video tour of LC
      • Book: Johann Gutenberg and the amazing printing press by Bruce Koscielniak
      • Book: Breaking into print: before and after the invention of the printing press
      • book in galley form: Sumo Boy
      • Book: B is for Bookworm
      • Book: America the Beautiful by Robert Sabuda - pop-up book
      • Poster of timeline of the history of printing
      • Laminated pictures:
        • Gutenberg
        • Gutenberg press
        • Gutenberg bible page
        • illuminated manuscript pages
        • oldest known printed book
        • cuneiform tablets
        • Hornbook

    • Japan - created in conjunction with a Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program award
      • CDroms – Welcome to Japan: meet the Ninja through Japanese scrolls
        Origami & Ayatori (string games)
      • Map:
        Tokyo city map
      • Magazine: Nipponia #22, 2002 – “Young performers carry on ancient traditions”
      • Pamphlets:
        Japan Overview
        Views of Japan
        Your guide to Japan
      • Realia:
        • Chopsticks (50 pairs)
        • Fan
        • Name chop & ink pad
        • Paper kite (miniature)

      • Videos: Families of Japan, Master Communications, 2001. 30 minutes
        The Paper Crane (Reading Rainbow). GPN, 1987. 30 minutes
        Other: Japan: Top Secret Adventure - solve a mystery by figuring out the clues

        • Books:
          • Beatty, Theresa. Food and recipes of Japan. New York: PowerKids Press, 1999.
          • Boraas, Tracey. Japan. Mankato, MN: Bridgestone Books, 2002.
          • Carle, Eric & Kazuo Iwamura. Where are you going? To see my friend: a story of friendship in two languages. New York: Orchard Books, 2001.
          • Demi. In the eyes of the cat: Japanese poetry for all seasons. New York: Henry Holt, 1992.
          • Franco, Betsy. Japan: a literature-based multicultural unit. Evan-Moor, 1993.
          • Harvey, Miles. Look what came from Japan. New York: Watts, 1999.
          • The Japan Book. Kodansha International, 2002.
          • Kajikawa, Kimiko. Yoshi’s feast. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2000.
          • Kimmel, Eric. Three samurai cats: a story from Japan. New York: Holiday House, 2003.
          • Mannis, Celeste. One leaf rides the wind: counting in a Japanese garden. New York: Viking, 2002.
          • Miyazawa, Kenji. Crossing the snow. Tokyo, Japan: International Foundation for the Promotion of Languages and Culture, 2000.
          • Miyazawa, Kenji. Masterworks of Miyazawa Kenji: Poems and fairy tales. Tokyo, Japan: International Foundation for the Promotion of Languages and Culture, 2002.
          • Miyazawa, Kenji. The telegraph poles on a moonlit night. Tokyo, Japan: International Foundation for the Promotion of Languages and Culture, 2000.
          • Nakano, Dokuohtei. Easy origami. New York: Puffin Books, 1981.
          • Say, Allen. Under the Cherry Blossom tree: an old Japanese tale. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1974.
          • Schomp, Virginia. Japan in the days of the Samurai. New York: Benchmark Books, 2002.
          • Sierra, Judy. Tasty baby belly buttons. New York: Dragonfly Books, 1999.
          • Takabayaski, Mari. I live in Tokyo. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2001.
          • Temko, Florence. Traditional Crafts from Japan. Minneapolis: Lerner, 2001.

        • Books in Japanese:
          • Japanese folktale - Umakata (with translation)
          • 4th grade math textbook

        • Books in English & Japanese:
          • Amery, Heather & Stephen Cartwright. First thousand words in Japanese. London: Usborne Publishing, 1995.
          • Carle, Eric & Kazuo Iwamura. Where are you going? To see my friend: a story of friendship in two languages. New York: Orchard Books, 2001. .
          • Japanese Contemporary Prints: 47th CWAJ Print Show. Tokyo, Japan: The College Women’s Association of Japan, 2002.
          • Kaneko, Misuzu. Songs for Children. (includes CD) Japan: JULA, 2003.

    • Ladybug Books - NH State Picture Book AwardLadybug 
      Ladybug Book Award
      Please note: The kit no longer contains the 10 books.
      • Resource notebook
      • Ladybug kaleidoscopes
      • ladybug hand puppet
      • inflatable ladybug
      • bulletin board trim & decorations

    • Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey Make Way for Ducklings 

      • Paperback copy of the book
      • loose pages of the whole book (display, bulletin bd, activities)
      • Teacher lesson plan booklet
      • Video: Robert McCloskey "library": includes Make Way for ducklings, Time of Wonder, Blueberries for Sal, Burt Dow, and a "Visit with Robert McCloskey.  (dvd)
      • Painted full size sheet with map of Boston & ducklings path
      • Painted full size sheet with book title & illus of duck family
      • Stuffed animals: mallard & 8 ducklings
      • 8 small ducklings
      • VHS movie - Make way for ducklings
      • Large Nest with eggs
      • Tiny nest with eggs
      • small mirror lake (8")
      • Wallpaper border (8" wide - 8' long) of Mr & Mrs Mallard picture repeated
      • Laminated color photo of female duck with ducklings
      • Face painting kit with cray-pas & mirrors
      • Folder with Postcards of Boston, Laminated photos of ducks, Boston maps with ducklings path, Duck foot relay game instructions

    • Newbery Award - the work of the author - created by the MCF grant
      Newbery Award Links
      • Newbery Poster
      • Newbery flash cards
      • Newbery book bingo game
      • Newbery books - book spine game
      • Poster of Newbery medal
      • Video: The Newbery Award (17 mins)
      • Newbery Information card
      • Books
        • 100 Most popular children's authors
        • Teaching with favorite Newbery books
        • Newbery and Caldecott Trivia and more for every day of the year
        • Hooked on the Newbery Award winners: 75 wordsearch puzzles
        • Amos Fortune, free man
        • The Newbery Companion: Booktalk and related materials

    • New Hampshire Geography & Maps

      • NH road map - AAA - 27 copies
      • Cheshire County Map - 23 copies
      • NH tourist map - 4 copies
      • NH Geography Bingo game
      • Old maps of Cheshire County - 1892
        55 old maps reproductions (8 1/2 x 11) laminated
      • Atlases
        • New Hampshire Atlas & Gazetteer 2005
        • National Geographic World Atlas for Young Explorers 3rd ed. 2007
      • Books
        • As the Crow flies: a first book of maps
        • Grand Monadnock: exploring the most popular mountain in America
        • The Great New Hampshire puzzle book
        • Me on the map
        • New Hampshire through many eyes: an activity book
        • Nifty New Hampshire coloring book
        • Old Man of the Mountain

    • New Hampshire primary - Mary Had A little Lamb & Tomie dePaola - created by the MCF grant
      Mary had a little lamb & Tomie dePaola links  

      • Flannelboard & Mother Goose flannelboard set
      • Video: a Visit with Tomie dePaola (25 mins)
      • Lamb puppet
      • NH map
      • Mary had a little lamb character name tags (for creative dramatics)
      • Lamb mask
      • Laminated book jacket
      • Books
        • Tomie dePaola's Mother Goose
        • Mary had a little lamb, illus. by Tomie dePaola (2 copies)
        • Mary had a little lamb, illus. by Iza Trapani
        • Mary had a little lamb, photo-illustrated by Bruce McMillan
        • Thank you, Sarah: The woman who saved Thanksgiving

    • New Hampshire intermediate - Research skills - Mills in NH History - created by the MCF grant
      New Hampshire Mills Internet links

      • Research posters (4): Library catalog, Dewey Decimal, World of Information, Searching tips
      • Keyword Searching Tips
      • NH road map
      • overhead transparencies for OPAC and visual OPAC
      • MARC records floppy
      • Research help cards: parts of a book, who is an author/illustrator, call numbers, using encyclopedias, using a dictionary, biographies, bibliographies, using almanac/atlas
      • Video - Mill Times (60 mins), based on David Macaulay's book _Mill_
      • "Mill Times" pamphlet - an activity and resource guide for use with the video "Mill Times".
      • Books
        • New Hampshire by Dottie Brown
        • The Granite State: an illustrated history by Ronald & Grace Jager
        • New Hampshire Atlas & Gazetteer
        • Lyddie by Katherine Paterson
        • The only mill in town: the story of the pail-making industry in Richmond, NH
        • Yvonne of the Amoskeag textile mill by Alice Daley Noyes
        • 57 games to play in the library or classroom: games to reinforce research skills
        • The bobbin girl by Emily Arnold McCully
        • A river ran wild by Lynne Cherry
        • Mill by David Macaulay
        • Mill Girls: from farm to factory, Cobblestone Magazine, March 2001.
        • Pardon me, but your references are showing.
        • The Mysteries of research.

    • Poetry - Primary
      Poetry Internet Links

      • Kids magnetic poetry kit
      • Magnetic strips for make-your-own magnetic poetry
      • Magnet/white board & stand
      • 6 Poetry posters (haiku, couplet, limerick, acrostic)
      • Stop sign for "poetry break"
      • Video - Poetry Day. 30 mins. An episode from the PBS series "Between the Lions" featuring poetry.
      • Books
        • New Kid on the Block by Jack Prelutsky
        • A Poem a day: 180 thematic poems and activities that teach and delight all year long
        • The Poetry Break by Caroline Feller Bauer
        • Instant poetry frames for primary poets by Betsy Franco
        • I invited a Dragon to Dinner and other poems to make you laugh out loud
        • A Poke in the Eye: a collection of concrete poems
        • Poetry fun by the ton with Jack Prelutsky
        • Poetry time with Dr. Seuss rhyme
        • Fun 15 minute poetry-writing activities: grades 2-4
        • The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary
        • Eric Carle's Animals Animals
        • How to write poetry by Paul Janeczko
        • Good Books, Good Times! selected by Lee Bennett Hopkins
        • Fireflies at midnight by Marilyn Singer
        • Seasons: a book of poems by Charlotte Zolotow
        • Fly with poetry: An ABC of poetry by Avis Harley
        • Leap into poetry: more ABCs of poetry by Avis Harley Stop for a poetry break 

    • Poetry - Intermediate
      Poetry Internet Links

      • Kids magnetic poetry kit
      • Magnetic strips for make-your-own magnetic poetry
      • Magnet/white board & stand
      • 6 Poetry posters (haiku, limerick, narrative, cinquain, free verse, lyric)
      • Computer haiku messages
      • Shel Silverstein Poetry kit: includes CD of Shel reading 10 poems, extension activity booklet,
        "Cuttin' Kate" poetry activity book, and more.
      • Stop sign for "poetry break"
      • Video (VHS) - Zooful of Poetry. 30 mins. Live action combined with animation.
      • Video (DVD) - The Poetry Show. 30 mins. Animated, features poems by some of the world's greatest poets. Can be shown in segments.
      • Books
        • Joyful Noise: poems for 2 voices by Paul Fleischman
        • A Poem a day: 180 thematic poems and activities that teach and delight all year long
        • Poetry by heart: a child's book of poems to remember
        • Poetry for young people: Robert Frost
        • Poetry play any day with Jane Yolen
        • Poetry galore and more with Shel Silverstein
        • Teaching 10 fabulous forms of poetry: grades 4-8
        • Thirteen moons on Turtle's back: a Native American year of moons
        • Where the sidewalk ends by Shel Silverstein
        • The Scholastic Rhyming Dictionary
        • The Earth is painted green: a garden of poems about our planet
        • How to write poetry by Paul Janeczko
        • Fly with poetry: An ABC of poetry by Avis Harley
        • Leap into poetry: more ABCs of poetry by Avis Harley

    • Snowy Day - created by a grant from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation in November 2002.Snowy Day 
      Snowy Day Internet links
      • Video/DVD: Ezra Jack Keats video library, 52 mins long
        includes: Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, Peter's Chair, A letter to Amy, Apt. 3, Pet Show!, The Trip, and a 6 min interview of Keats who talks about what influenced his work as an illustrator.
      • Video: Snowflake Bentley (20 mins) dvd
      • Posters: Make tracks to your library & Snowy Day
      • Winter Resource Box: includes decorations, manipulatives, games, puppet, puzzle, experiments etc.
      • Books
        • Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
        • Snowy Day (big book)
        • Snowy Day (book and cassette tape)
        • Science Through Children's Literature
        • Snow is falling by Franklyn Branley
        • Snowflake Bentley by Jacqueline Briggs
        • Crafts to make in the Winter by Kathy Ross
        • Kids Winter handbook by Jane Drake
        • Winter Day Play: activities, crafts and games by Nancy Castaldo
        • Winter Poems selected by Barbara Rogasky, illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman
        • Ezra Jack Keats: Artist and picture book maker by Brian Alderson
        • While the Bear sleeps: winter tales and traditions by Caitlin Matthews

    • Tall Tales
      Tall tales Internet links
      • US Map
      • Video: Paul Bunyon (Reading Rainbow)
      • Video: Pecos Bill
      • Video: Swamp angel
      • Video: America's legends: John Henry, Paul Bunyon, Johnny Appleseed, Casey Jones
      • Books:
        • Ten Tall tales: origins, activities & more
        • Teaching tall tales: reproducibiles, activities and other spin-offs
        • American Tall tales by Mary Osborne
        • Cut from the same cloth: American women of myth, legend and tall tale
        • The Bunyons by Audrey Wood
        • Granite Baby by Lynne Bertrand (NH setting)
        • Mike Fink by Steven Kellogg
        • Paul Bunyon by Steven Kellogg
        • Pecos Bill by Steven Kellogg
        • Sally Ann Thunder Ann Whirlwind Crockett by Steven Kellogg
        • Swamp Angel by Anne Isaacs

    • World Folklore - Cinderella Around the World - created by the MCF grant
      Cinderella Internet Links
      • Flannelboard story
      • Video: Yeh Shen, a Chinese Cinderella story
      • Costume pieces: wand, glass slippers, 2 crowns, pumpkin, mouse & horse masks
      • Finger puppets
      • Pumpkin Coach with finger puppets
      • World map
      • Inflatable world globe
      • "Globe Trotting" - a game based on hopscotch, that tests students knowledge of different continents
      • Parodies of Cinderella stories
      • Books
        • Mufaro's beautiful daughters (Africa)
        • The Egyptian Cinderella (Africa)
        • Cinderella Penguin (Antarctica - parody)
        • The Korean Cinderella (Asia)
        • The gift of the crocodile (Asia)
        • Angkat: The Cambodian Cinderella (Asia)
        • Yeh Shen: A Cinderella story from China (Asia)
        • James Marshall's Cinderella (Europe)
        • Cinderella (Europe)
        • The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story (Europe)
        • Cindy Ellen: A wild western Cinderella (North America - parody)
        • The Rough-face girl: Algonquin Indian Cinderella story (North America)
        • Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella (North America)
        • Rufferella (North America - parody)
        • Little Gold Star: A Spanish American Cinderella tale (South America)
        • If the shoe fits: voices from Cinderella (story told through poems)

    Elementary Library Services was a recipient of a   "Project Grant"
    from the Monadnock Community Foundation/NH Charitable Foundation in October 2001.

    The Grant was to help enhance elementary library services through resource sharing accomplished in two ways:
    1) by creating 8 library skills resource kits for district wide use, and 2) by using current technology to create and update library skills lesson plans and units and to establish in-depth subject web pages for the seven elementary school in the MRSD.


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