Flyer Submission & Approval Process

    • E-mail an electronic copy of the flyer in question to the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant, Lillian Sutton at

    • It must  have "NOT A SCHOOL-SPONSORED EVENT" clearly and prominently
      on the flyer, if it is an outside organization.

    • Let the Administrative Assistant know which schools that you intend to distribute the flyer.

    • If approved by the Superintendent, you will be notified as well as being provided the number of copies you need to make for each school.  You will also be notified if the flyer is denied.

    • Please allow 2-3 business days for the flyer to be reviewed by the Superintendent. 
    • The Superintendent's Administrative Assistant will also notify the schools on your behalf that the flyer has been approved so that each school Administrative Assistant is authorized to distribute to the classroom teachers for students to bring flyers home.

    • Even if your organization wishes only to send flyers home to students in one of the district schools, the organization must first get Superintendent approval if the activity/event is not school-sponsored.
    • MRSD will not post flyers to the District or School websites.