Lab 2.10D Trivia Game

  • Trivia Game. 

    Your challenge is to create a trivia game that includes the following elements.

    STANDARD LAB = 2 pts.
    1. four trivia questions on the topic of your choice.
    2. have a red curtain transition open at the beginning.
    3. show a title slide announcing your trivia show (include your name and class period #).
    4. put a transition between each slide.
    5. each trivia question should appear on a separate slide.
    6. for each question, animate a 5 second countdown to zero.
    7. the countdown starts when you click after the question (On Click).
    8. have a sound when you get to zero on the count down.
    9. then automatically show the answer using an animation (After Previous).
    10. each slide needs to have different animations (except countdown).
    11. click to go to next question.
    ADVANCED LAB = 2 additional pts.
    1. three-four multiple choice answers for each question.
    2. animate the multiple choices so each choice appears one at a time.
    3. have at least one image that goes along with each question.
    4. have the counter show only one number on the screen at any point in time.

    Click here to download the demo slideshow with several animation techniques.