Lab 2.10A Retaurant Menu

  • In this lab you will create a slide show that will be used to present a food menu for your restaurant.  Here are the parts for this lab:

    Select a template to use for this slide show menu.
    Have a slide transition between each slide.
    Insert a footer with slide number and your name, and the name of the restaurant on all slides EXCEPT the first title slide.
    When you are finished, create a PDF file of the slide show.

    Slide #
    1. Title slide: Include the name of your restaurant and your name.
    2. Your restaurant offers only 4 meals.  Download four photos of the meals you are going to offer.  Re-size the photos to make all 4 fit on this slide. Each photo should show the name for each meal.
    3. Add a section header slide with the words 'Menu Items'.
    4. Meal #1.  Use one of the pictures you used on slide 2 above.  Make it bigger and give it some styling element.  Include a few bullet items describing what the meal includes.  Put a price on the slide for the meal.
    5. Meal #2. (Same instructions as slide 4).
    6. Meal #3. (Same instructions as slide 4).
    7. Meal #4. (Same instructions as slide 4).
    8. Final slide: Create a bullet list of the days and hours your restaurant is open.