Lab 2.05 - Guide 02 - Use your creativity.

  • This assignment is for a second internship guide.  This guide will also be posted on the company web site.

    Make this guide look as close to this sample as possible. There are 2 pages to this guide.  Click on the links below to view the details for each page.  You do not need to print this guide out. This guide can be graded directly from your computer screen.
    For this guide document, you can cut and paste the text below as needed.  

    Sturgeon Point Productions is a full service film and video production facility located in Miami, Florida. Celebrating over 45 years of producing top quality commercial and independent film, our projects range from award winning documentaries and live action short features, to live concert and sporting events, to popular educational and training series of videos for schools, businesses, trade shows and multi-media presentations. We currently offer internships to film students in participating local colleges and universities, in both our development and production departments.

    Sturgeon Point Productions is looking for story analysts, research, post production and production assistants to work in our offices. We offer college credit as independent study at participating schools for one semester, which can be repeated for up to one year from the start date of the internship.