Chapter 3

  • The projects in this chapter relate to the city of Pacifica Bay, a coastal city south of San Francisco. The city’s access to major transportation provides both residents and businesses an opportunity to compete in the global marketplace. The city’s mission is to create a more beautiful and more economically viable community for its residents. Each year the city welcomes a large number of tourists who enjoy exploring the rocky coastline and seeing the famous landmarks in San Francisco. The city encourages best environmental practices and partners with cities in other countries to promote sound government at the local level.

    • Chart Data with a Pie Chart 
    • Format a Pie Chart 
    • Edit a Workbook and Update a Chart 
    • Use Goal Seek to Perform What- If Analysis
    • Design a Worksheet for What- If Analysis 
    • Answer What- If Questions by Changing Values in a Worksheet 
    • Chart Data with a Line Chart
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