Lab 3.04 - ScreenCast - Google

  • In this lab you will create a screencast showing how to create a new Google Site (you did this in lab 3.02).  This is a training video and is worth a double lab grade of 4 points.


    When you create the video, follow these steps.
    1. Create a script using a 2 column table in Word or Excel (2 pts)
    2. In this screencast video, you will create a new blank Google Site.
    3. Name the site FirstnameLastinitialLab304.
    4. You will select a theme.
    5. Edit the Home Page to add some welcome text.
    6. Add the two types of pages as you did in Lab 3.02 
      My Blog (Announcement) - Create 1 blog entry as an example.
      Favorite Movies (List)
    If you did not create a site in 3.02, then follow the instructions for that lab when making this screen cast.  

    In this screen cast you will not be recording a narration voice-over.

    When you edit the video, use the following features in your screen cast.
    1. Title text box "Creating a Google web site".
    2. Put your name, date and class period in a text box at the end of the screencast.
    3. Zoom in and out where appropriate
    4. Use transitions between clips
    5. Use the spotlight feature to highlight at least one area.
    6. Cut any parts you do not want to see.
    7. Put in Call out text with instructions as needed.
    8. When finished, Produce it for a web presentation (MP4).
    9. Show to Mr. Lucas for credit.
    10. Upload to the class shared Google Drive - Screencasts