Lab 3.02 - Your Personal Website

  • In this lab, you will create a new website from scratch using Google Sites.  Choose a blank template and theme of your choice (Do not choose the Winter Mint theme).

    If you were not present to create a demo website, you need to click here to review the Getting Started document for Google Sites and create a website.  

    Since your website has to be unique, you should include your first name and last initial followed by the period number and then lab302.

    example: fredj01lab302

    To receive full credit for this lab, your web site will need the following:
    1. A Home page with your name on it.  On the home page tell a little bit about yourself. (example: what grade you are in, if you have any hobbies, etc.)
    2. Add four new pages representing these different page types:
      web page, list page, announcement page, and file page.
    3. Use headings on your new pages as follows:
      web page: My 3D Photos
      list page: My Movies
      announcement page: My Blog
      file page: My Work 
    4. Include the following on the new pages:
      - My 3D Photos: create at least 2 pictures from your 3D Lab and insert them onto this page.
      - My Movies: create a list of your favorite top five movies.
      - My Blog: Make 2 entries where you give your opinion on one of the following topics: music, movies, t.v. or sports.
      - My Work: upload one excel lab workbook and one word lab document.
    5. Using the Manage Site utility, change the base theme to be Winter Mint.