Lab 3.01A - 3D POP

  • This lab will  also be a contest with prizes.

    You need to create a PowerPoint presentation with four different 3D POP images.  Each 3D POP images should be on a separate slide. Put the one that you feel is your best image as slide #1. 

    No inappropriate images will be allowed (no weapons, smoking, drinking, drugs or rudeness).

    3D POP image must look like it is coming out of another image.  
    To accomplish this:
    1. make a copy of the image.
    2. crop part of the first image and remove the background.
    3. crop the opposite part of the second image and leave the background.
    4. put a shadow on the image without the background.
    5. put the two images back together to form a single image.
    6. (optional) put a border around the image with the background.
    CLICK HERE for examples from other student entries.