Lab 2.05 - Guide 01

  • Your next assignment comes again from the HR (Human Resource) manager.  You need to create two guides for the potential Interns when they apply for the position. 

    Make this first guide look as close to this sample as possible. There are 3 pages to this guide.  Click on the links below to view the details for each page. You do not need to print this guide out. This guide can be graded directly from your computer screen.
    For this first guide, you can cut and paste the text below as needed.  

    Sturgeon Point Productions produces and markets educational videos. We started our company in 1968, and now we are a dynamic and creative independent film and commercial production company. From our base in Miami, we create both contract and in-house videos and feature films.
    As an intern, you might take part in the following types of productions:

    All internships also require that you have completed at least some of the coursework in the appropriate field of study. For example, for an Assistant Camera Operator internship, you must provide evidence of completion of the basic video courses. Applicants for internships should plan to present samples of their work during the first interview.

    Some internship positions will have additional requirements. For example, if film plans require travel to a foreign country, you must have a valid U.S. passport and any necessary inoculations. See the internship job description for specific information.

    If you are currently enrolled in a film program in the Miami area, your internship may also make you eligible for college credit as independent study. See your program advisor for details.

    Once a year, Sturgeon Point Productions conducts a series of meetings to announce and describe upcoming projects and internships. Our employees are available at these events to describe each internship opportunity and to answer your questions. Meetings take place in our studios and are open to all eligible students enrolled in local film programs. Here is a list of September meetings: