Demo 2.03 - Cover letter

  • This demo will have 2 parts to it.

    1. We will create a personal letterhead that you will save as a personal template. (If you missed this demo, click the link below and follow the steps in the slide show to create your personal letterhead template.)

    2. Using your personal letterhead, you will create a sample cover letter that would go along with a resume when you apply for a full time job.

    The text below will be used in the Demo.

    The job listing indicates that the company would like to fill this position very quickly. As you requested on the website, have provided both my resume and this cover letter.  I can provide references whenever you wish.

    The job description had several very explicit requirements. I would like to point out my qualifications in a few of the specified areas.

    I could be available to begin work in as few as two weeks. The job description does not specify exactly where this company does business. I currently live in Tampa, but would be willing to relocate.