Lab 2.04A - Flyer 01

  • You have been asked by the HR manager to produce a flyer for the next internship program.  Re-create the example flyer below as closely as possible.  The instructions are in the example below.  You will need to use the picture of the bird in the flyer.

    When finished, show your work ON YOUR COMPUTER.  You do not need to print out this flyer.  Save your work in your Unit 2 folder as Lab04A.

    You can copy this text into the lab.

    This summer, Sturgeon Point Productions will be filming a short documentary in Costa Rica about its native birds and has positions available for two interns. We are looking for a first Assistant Director and an Assistant Script Supervisor.

    The filming will begin the first week of July and will last approximately two weeks. Payment will be by Day Rate of $100 per day. Transportation, food, and lodging will be provided.

    The First Assistant Director will work with the second film crew, which will be filming background video. The Assistant Script Supervisor will work with the Script Supervisor and will be responsible for coordinating communication between the two camera crews.

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