Period 6 - Friday May 29, 2015

  • Hello Period 6!

    I know we did not get a chance to finish the demo so I am hoping you can finish this on your own. So far we were able to record two separate videos that demonstrate how to create tabs with leaders in MS Word.

    If you missed the first part of the demo you can work on other incomplete labs or the homework (Quiz Monday), or you can work with another person to complete this demo.

    To complete this demo:
    1. Start Camtasia Studio.  Click the start button on the bottom left. Click All Programs.  Open the Camtasia Studio 7 folder.  Click Camtasia Studio.
    2. Watch the video above on How to edit a screen capture.  
    3. You should be able to follow along with this instruction video and edit your two video clips.
    4. As you edit the videos you made, include the Zoom feature a few times when appropriate.
    5. Insert a Spotlight or two.
    6. Create a callout for the instructions we created in the script.
    7. Create a transition between the two videos.
    8. Create a callout for a title at the beginning of the first video that shows the name of the instruction video.  The title is Creating tabs and leaders in MS Word.
    9. Create a callout at the end of the last video with your name and period number.
    10. Save the project as Demo304.

    When you are finished, you can either: 
    Work on your homework assignment 
    OR any incomplete labs 
    OR you can start Lab 3.04.

    See you Monday.  Have a great weekend!
    Mr. Lucas