Demo 2.05

  • We will create a document that will include SmartArt graphics, bullets, a numbered list, and an embedded YouTube video.

    During the demo we will use the image file below.

    You will be able to copy and paste the text below.

    Sturgeon Point Productions is offering website tie-ins with every educational video title in our catalog, at no additional cost. What that means for you is more of our award-winning content for your students and a wider reach for in-depth coverage of your preferred subjects for teachers to use in their lesson plans. Our company has taken on a top-notch web production team to work with our producers and staff to create interactive multi-media tie-ins for all of our future educational titles.

    As educators who will be using these sites, our company would like to hear from you about the kinds of features you would like to see as we move forward in development, as well as get a general consensus on which subjects in our current library would be helpful to you to have as an interactive web component.

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