Demo 2.01 - Using Tables to create a resume

  • By the end of this lesson, the students will:

    1.       Review the pre-defined templates available in MS Word.

    2.       Set up a Personal Template Folder in the Setup Utility of MS Word.

    3.       Understand what a Resume is and how it is used in Business.

    4.       Create a Table in MS Word.

    5.       Understand how to Create and Use a Word Template File (.dotx)

    6.       Create Bulleted Lists in a Table.

    7.       Format a Table.

    8.       Format Text in Table Cells by Using Spacing After.

    9.       Create keywords for job interviewers to search.

    10.   Understand what Power Words are.

    11.   Present a Word Document Online as a collaboration tool

    Lab 1 goes with Demo 1.