1C Great Presentations

  • Research and find out what professionals say makes a Great PowerPoint Presentation.

    Create a PowerPoint presentation that could be used to teach a class on how to make a great presentation. You should find 6 points. Each point should be shown on it's own slide.  You will have 7 or 8 slides (including a title slide and optional summary slide at the end).

    • You can use any background templates you wish.
    • You should put in transitions so that your slide show runs automatically.
    • You can put sound in the transition if you wish.
    • Each slide should have a different transition.
    • The transitions should take 5 seconds.
    • Make sure you have a title page as the first slide.
    • Your name and class period should appear on the title page, under the main title.
    • Every slide except the title page should have a slide number on it.
    • Make sure people can read your words from the back of the room.
    • You should include pictures, images, and color to make the show interesting.

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