Chapter 1

  • The projects in this chapter relate to Pro Fit Marietta, a distributor of fitness equipment and apparel to private gyms, personal trainers, health clubs, corporate wellness centers, hotels, college athletic facilities, physical therapy practices, and multi- unit residential properties. The company’s mission is to find, test, and distribute the highest quality fitness products in the world to its customers for the benefit of consumers. Their popular blog provides useful tips on how to use the latest workout and fitness equipment. The company is located in Marietta, Georgia, which is metropolitan Atlanta’s largest suburb.

    1. Create, Save, and Navigate an Excel Workbook 
    2. Enter Data in a Worksheet 
    3. Construct and Copy Formulas and Use the SUM Function 
    4. Format Cells with Merge & Center, Cell Styles, and Themes 
    5. Chart Data to Create a Column Chart and Insert Sparklines 
    6. Print a Worksheet, Display Formulas, and Close Excel
    7. Check Spelling in a Worksheet 
    8. Enter Data by Range 
    9. Construct Formulas for Mathematical Operations 
    10. Edit Values in a Worksheet 
    11. Format a Worksheet

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