Software Purchasing Procedure

  • Please follow this procedure for ordering software:  
    1.  Create a helpdesk ticket (e-mail with as many specifics as possible.
    • What software did you want to buy?
    • What is the software needed for?
    • How many students need to use it?
    • Are there any special accommodations that need to be made?  
    2.  The ticket is then evaluated to see if we already have software available that fits those needs or if something will need to be purchased.  
    3.  If new software needs to be purchased, options are evaluated and then presented to the individual who submitted the ticket, to be sure needs are met.
    4.  Requester then submits a requisition to purchasing.
    5.  Once software is selected and requisition is submitted, IT Director will sign off on the requisition and the order is placed.  

    IT will not purchase, install, troubleshoot or support any software purchased without following these procedures. We understand there are sometimes instances where you may need specialty software, but we need to be sure that software licenses are strictly enforced, and that any software purchased is compatible with our systems and/or other software. Compatibility issues can ultimately cause delays and frustration, which is something we try to avoid. Thank you for your understanding!