8th Grade Wellness

  • 8th Grade Wellness

    This course has been designed for 8th students to review and apply concepts of health and wellness. The topics that will be covered in this course will be involved in overall wellness. A primary focus will be on the health triangle and its components; Physical Health, Mental Health, and Social Health.

    Students will learn through multiple mediums and will spend time working with teams in class to review material, conduct, research, and work together in completing academic tasks. All assessments are project based. Projects will involve creativity, research, teamwork, and students creating plans on how they can implement healthy behavior in their own daily life.

    The Units/Topics will be as follows:

    Unit 1 - What is Wellness?

    Unit 2 - Physical Fitness and Healthy Eating

    Unit 3 - Substance Abuse

    Unit 4 - Decision Making and Stress

    Unit 5 - Social Relationships and Behavior

    All units will involve class activities, note taking, research, presentations, and working within a team. All tests will be project based.

    Projects = 100 points

    Mini-Projects = 50 points

    Classwork/Assignments = 10 points

    Quick Writes = 5 points