Monadnock Regional School District

Mission Statement

  • The Monadnock Regional School District is a combined community of learners, education professionals & support staff, volunteers, businesses & civic organizations, tax-payers, and families who represent the towns of Fitzwilliam, Gilsum, Richmond, Roxbury, Swanzey and Troy. 

    We embrace our shared responsibility to guide students to become active citizens who are both empowered and inspired to contribute to the future of their community. 

    Therefore, we collaborate not just to teach, but also to engage and educate every student in our district in an environment that is challenging, caring, and safe, while fostering life-long learning.

District Announcements

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    2017 Holiday Festival of Music



                Friday, Dec. 8 at 7:00 pm - $6 Adults/$3 Children under 12

                Saturday Matinee, Dec. 9 at 2:00 pm - $5 Adults/$2 Children under 12

                Saturday, Dec. 9 at 7:00 pm - $6 Adults/$3 Children under 12


    Tickets may be purchased by calling Anne Clark at 352-6575, ext. 6784 or by email at




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  • Celebrate What's Right in Monadnock!

    This link will take you to a website, and on that site you can nominate someone from our community who you think should be celebrated for being part of What's Right in Monadnock.  Community in this context means the entire Monadnock community - colleagues, students, parents, elected officials, town employees, other community members.  All of us.  


    The criteria for nominating someone is simple - it's up to you. 



    ...a student holds the door for you as you attempt to carry in five boxes and a hot coffee. 

    ...a colleague does an outstanding job speaking to a topic during a meeting.

    ...someone shared an ear when you needed to be heard.

    ...a student/colleague/parent/community member shared a kind word and a smile.


     In short - if you think someone should be recognized, nominate them.  


    Celebrate What's Right in Monadnock!


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    It is with great pride that I share the following list of community members, staff, and students that have been recognized for being part of What's Right in Monadnock. This is an ongoing initiative, so nominate a member of the Monadnock community that you feel should be celebrated as contributing to What’s Right in Monadnock!
    Lisa A. Witte, Superintendent of Schools
    Monadnock Community Members:
    Jamie Leclerc, Megan Primrose, Jim Hill, Melissa Diven, Savannah Clough, Marc Dunk, Linda Lawton, Bill Hutwelker, Kerry Kelley and Ian Fraunfelder.
    Monadnock Regional School District Staff Members:
    Melissa Alexander, Sara Baillie, Wendy Brown, Michelle Buonomano, Stephanie Charlefour, Tom Cote, Donna Dick, Frank DuTurris, Julie Farhm, Heather Gigliello, Diane Hardy, Melissa Johnson, Jerry Kuhn, Cathi Lang, Donise LaRoche, Leslie Markowski, Sara Mockaitis, Adrienne Noel, Norita Pacanza, Bill Parkman, Jody Peters, Bethany Rafail, Jeremy Rathbun, Jessica Ritter, Jeremy Robinson, Becky Russell, John Samperisi, Ryan Schafer, Lisa Spencer, Lori Stevens, Kevin Stone, Lori Streeter, Steven Streeter, Missy Suarez, Beth Tom, Marianne Van Valkenburg, Jill Wharton, Karin Wilson and Lisa Witte.
    Monadnock Regional School District Students:
    Amber Bagster, Justin Bemis, Katie Hagar, Joelle LaFreniere, Jonathan McIntire, Talee Messenger, Zack Morrell, Tyler Nash, Tom Pouliot, Selena Roberts, Molly Robinson and Miranda Thibault.
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